A hypermodular development collective


Hyperamp is a humble music player built with web technologies. (electron + choo)


gh-release is a cli utility that deploys software releases to the Github releases API.


What is this?
Hypermodules started as a github org to facilitate the development of hyperamp, a desktop music player built with web technologies. Now it houses related libraries and tools that benefit from collective open source ownership.
What is hypermodular development?
Hypermodular development generally refers to a style of software development that emerged from early Node.js module authoring patterns. There is no official definition but the they seem to follow a few general patterns:
Can I contribute?
Sure! Hop on.
Can I join the org?
Probably, especially if you already have access to repos in the org. Reach out to a publicly listed org member.
Is there an IRC channel?
#hypermodules on freenode.
What’s with the background?
Its a picture taken by PSU’s FEI Tecnai F-20 tunneling electron microscope of some kind of gold lattice structure. Molecules and hypermodules share the same kind of vibe. ☯